Pizza in the Time of Covid


THE CONSUMPTION OF PIZZA seemed to increase during the lockout. These boxes were found in the streets of Brussels during spring 2020. The zine Pizza in the Time of covid -19 is being presented at the virtual Bangkok Art Book festival September 2020, section: Food publications. It is also at Sticky Institute's Quarantine club's archive.

Trekking along the Track


PSYCHOGEOGRAPHICAL WALK as part of the course Investigating Place with psychogeography 2021 (OCA). The project Following the Light Rail Line Works in Helsinki (2021) investigates the building of the Jokeri rail line. The length of the tracks will be approximately 25 kilometres (15.5 miles). I concentrate on a five kilometres long section that is within a walking distance of my home.

The construction works block the use of old and established routes for walking. They force - and, in the best of cases - guide you to new paths. You feel strange dualisms when observing the works: they are both interesting and lively as well as irritating and boring.

Outside my Window


ROOF WORKS (14.4-5.5.2020). Hong Kong International Photo Festival’s Satellite Exhibition, Joint Cafe, China (October 2021). You can buy it e.g. at Death Ray Distro.

Traces of Corona in Brussels


I have noticed the latex gloves during my daily walks while doing my best in keeping physical distance during corona (2020).
The Rubber gloves - photo series, Arrival Room (Germany), Social Distancing Art Festival (SODA) 2020

Ghost Houses

ghosthouse_13 nuart

I TOOK MY FIRST photo of a ghost building in 2010 – a crumbling tile wall with distinct painted rectangles that outlined the walls of a flat in Molenbeek, Brussels. This spurred me to notice palimpsests around the city.
They are eyesores and open wounds in the cityscape. At the same time, they exude a strange melancholic beauty and ask questions about city planning, regulation, and land use. Encountering them stimulates your imagination to grasp past lives, actions, and histories. Read more.

Mini Rugs and Their Friends

Näyttökuva 2022-10-3 kello 20.36.12
Craft meets artificial intelligence. LMAO. Data as Culture 2018 exhibition, Open Data Institute (ODI) London (2017-2020). More here.

Kivat ja karseat paikat?

Näyttökuva 2018-9-26 kello 8.42.54

HANKKEESSA PIIRRETÄÄN OMAN ASUINALUEEN kivoja ja kamalia paikkoja. Ensimmäisen kerran näin tehtiin RööperiFestissä vuonna 2018. Lue lisää Tiedetoimittajien blogista.

Carpet Racks

mattoteline carpet rack

IN THE CAPITAL HELSINKI, you can find carpet racks adjacent to apartment blocks, single and multi-family homes and even the Cathedral. These simple and sturdy constructions have been installed for decades in front yards and backyards in the city center as well as the suburbs. Paradoxically enough, while carpet racks have become part of the outdoor furniture, as it were, they tend to pass unnoticed due to their ubiquity. More photos: Polar Inertia, Spring 2012

Domestic Work


TITRES-SERVICES is a service set up by the Belgian government to fight illegal black work among the housekeeping industry. People can hire a housekeeper from an accredited company for household chores.Inside the home: cleaning, laundry and ironing, preparation of meals, small sewing repairs. Outside the home: shopping errands, ironing and sewing elsewhere, driving elderly or persons with reduced mobility in public transport. I have been documenting the Titres-Services’ advertising since 2011 (Ydin 2013)



THERE ARE MORE than a hundred self-service laundries in Brussels. Laundries are interesting for their minimalism. They are fully automated and coin or token operated. From a legal perspective they are private spaces, but they feel like public spaces such as waiting rooms at bus or railway stations. More information here (also in French). More photos: Polar inertia, winter 2014

Call Shops

CALL SHOPS AND SMALL INTERNET SHOPS are a modern example of a phenomenon where entrepreneurs, whose position need not differ greatly from the working class, meet the needs and preferences of a global, often very poor labor force. They are holdouts against the megamarts, and reflect the background, personal style and wealth of their owners. More information here.

The Yellow Hose


I FIRST NOTICES this call shop "Publique Phone" in the very beginning of 2007, struck by its facade dominated by a long looping yellow hose shielding, for what it is worth, electrical wiring. This case study has been presented at the Superfront Gallery, West Hollywood, group exhibition Unplanned (2010). More information here.

The Stone Road

stone road walk

I TOOK THE PICTURES during a photography workshop (teacher: Els Dietvorst) in Brussels. The mission was to explore the road, inhale the atmosphere and document the impressions. Chaussée de Mons – Bergensesteenweg is a very long street. I started my walk from the Porte de Anderlecht (number 9) and ended it a little after Ikea (number 1432). The photo story has been presented at De Markten, KunstenFESTIVALdesarts, Brussels, group exhibition N6, 2009.

Eurosigns Around The World


THE EUROSIGNS PROJECT analyses the individual meanings and the overall impact of Europe/European Union related representations. The project has been exhibited at The Whitworth Art gallery, Manchester, group exhibition Glogal Imaginaries (2009) and during The City Walking Bazaar, Cass Business School, University of London (2013). If you want to get more information, go here.

How Does an Old Person Look?


A GROWING COLLECTION of drawings 2001-.
Drawings exhibited at SmÅ-fest, P
orvoo (2018)

Greenhouses and gardens

greenhouse 2

AN ONGOING project about greenhouses and collective gardens as microcosmos. Lue lisää

Glitch happens


GLITCHES happen when something goes wrong. I have been capturing glitched images since 2013 at the pace they turn up on my computer or other screens. I also make them. My glitches have been exhibited at Fubar-festivals (2016, 2018, 2021 and 2023), MAMA Rotterdam 2017 and Gamut-gallery Minneapolis 2017.


balaclava ilman taustaa
work in progress

Group exhibitions & cooperation (selected)

Photozines at the Zine Pavilion, American Library Association, Annual Conference and Exhibition, San Diego, USA, June 2024
Zine Exhibition at Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair, Atelierhaus der Akademie der Bildende Künste Wien, Austria, May 2024
A window into spring, microscopic images, risographic work, Riso Pop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 2024

Postcards, group photo exhibition, LoosenArt, Gallery Millepiani, Rome, Italy, January-Februay 2024
Notebook 45, A Perfect Day Notebook -project, January 2024-
Virtual presentation of The psychogeographical walk Trekking along the track, 4th world Congress of Psychogeography, September 2023
Three photozines, Food zines potluck, The Cut-Zine Library, Serendipity Arts Festival, Delhi, December 2023

Be careful, a gif about mushrooms, Fubar expo, online gallery, October-December 2023
Odd Handshakes-zine at Miss Read, Berlin art book fair and festival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany, September 2023
Community garden photozine, virtual exhibition and Party 2023, Theme: Yin/Yang of Resistance/Acceptance Zine Coop, Hongkong, July-June 2023
Photo zines at the Zine Pavilion, American Library Association, Annual Conference and Exhibition, Chicago, USA, June 2023
Zines at display, L’île aux Fanzines - 14ème Brussel's Zine Festival, June 2023

Dragging up an exhibition: An unlikely cast of characters, Online Exhibition @Axis, April-May 2023
Photoseries of rubbish,
A Rubbish Exhibition, Photo North, Leeds, UK, March 2023
Micro-zine show, Mapleside Museum of Miniature Art, Ontario, Canada, March 2023

WunderKamer ou le portrait qui nous regarde, group show, PhotoBrussels, Tipi bookshop, January-February 2023
Yhteisöpalstaelämää, Sarjakuvaseuran sarjakuva-automaatti, Ravintola Sörkan ruusu, Helsinki, Finland, September 2022-
Chromatography from a Collective Garden, Erd(reich) - rich (Soil), Galerie Art Factory Flox, Schirgiswalde-Kirschau, September-November 2022
Photographs from Spitsbergen, Paper Towel Zine -machine (riso prints), Margate Zine Fair, Duplikat Press & Graeme Morris, June 2022
Limitless credit for Cakes-photozine, Show and Tell virtual exhibition and Party 2022, Zinecoop, Hongkong, March 2022
Pehmeitä tekoja ilmastonmuutoksen hillitsemiseksi, huoneentaulunäyttely, Suomen käsityön museo, Jyväskylä, October 2021-January 2022
Glitch photographies, /‘fu:bar/ Glitch Art festival, theme: Sustainability, Online gallery & Institut français de Croatie, Zagreb, Croatia, October 2021
Limitless credit for Cakes-photozine, Zineton pienlehtihaaste, Loukko-galleria, Helsinki, November 2021
Outside our Windows photo series, arranged by Theresa Leung, Hong Kong International Photo Festival’s Satellite Exhibition, Joint Cafe, China, October 2021
Collective garden risograph-photozine, Retrojam zine swap, Zine Day 7, Osaka, Japan, October 2021
Mail-Art-Aktion anlässlich der Ausstellung Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt - Gerhard-Altenbourg-Preis 2021, Lindenau-Museum, Altenburg, Germany, October 2021
Food zines, a presentation by T. Masuki, including Riitta Oittinen, Pizza in the Time of Covid -19, Bangkok art book fair online exhibition, September 2021-
Sledge, video (theme: Time Travels), Small file media festival, The School for the Contemporary Arts, Canada, August 2021
Riso 3D Galaxy, collective exhibition, Riso Pop & @apprentice_illustration, De Bouwput, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 2020
Cosmic rays-risography zine, Retrojam zine swap, Zine day Osaka, Japan, October 2020
Video "Trick or treat!?"
Hallozeen online party, October 2020
View from my window -series, Valokuvaterapian erikoistumisopintojen loppunäyttely, Muurlan opisto, Finland, September-October 2020
Mobile phone shot -series, Home 2020,
MobileNordic, Luovan valokuvauksen keskus, Galleria Ratamo, Jyväskylä, Finland, June-July 2020
Alone together:
The Rubber gloves -photo series, Arrival Room (Germany), Social Distancing Art Festival (SODA) 2020
Collectivity project,
Pop up -swimming pool, Open City, Worm Pirate Bay, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (May 2020)
Photograph, Online group exhibition, Analog forever,
Winter (December 2019)
Photographs, Group exhibition, Solstice festival, Komplot & Château Nour, Brussels, Belgium (December 2019)
Playful studio, Box of photographs, La Brocante Photographique, Hectolitre, Brussels, Belgium (December 2019)
Photograph, Cinema, Erotica, Blank Space Gallery, Oslo, Norway (August 2019)
Lapinlahti psychiatric hospital, Glitch work,
Fubar multimedia event, Galleria Siva, Zagreb, Croatia (October 2018)
Bonfire, Cities and Memory,
Sound photography, (online since May 2018)
Mini rugs & screen shots,
Mini Rugs and Their Friends,  LMAO. Data as Culture 2018 exhibition, Open Data Institute (ODI) London (October 2017-February 2020)
Drawing collection, "Miltä vanha ihminen näyttää"?
Å-fest, SmÅ-fest, Söderströmin talo, Porvoo (February 2018)
Urban scenes, photographs, Subjective Atlas of Brussels, MAD, Brussels (May-August 2017)
Glitched polaroid photos Wallpaper-project,
MAMA, platform for visual culture, Rotterdam (April-June 2017)
Glitch works, Glitch art is dead, Gamut gallery, Minneapolis, USA (March-April 2017)
Photographs, Kivinokan kioskin elämää, Virka-galleria, Helsinki (November 2016-February 2017) & Ravintola Wellamo, Helsinki (February-April 2017)
Night flowers, Photographs, Vos Images - Bruxelles, Galerie Verhaeren, Brussels (December 2016)
Call shop photos, Post Internet Cafe,
Print Room, Rotterdam (August-September 2016)
Glitch work, Fubar, Flubber multimedia event, Galleria Siva, Zagreb, Croatia (September 2016)
Fiber amulets, Street Art festival, Surface Gallery, Nottingham (July 2016)
Cardboard Call Shop, Craft the City by Pop in Craft, Library@Orchad, Singapore (October-November 2015)
Night flowers, photography, Hei Helsinki, Kukkanäyttely, Kiseleffin talo, Helsinki, Finland (May-June 2015)
Collages, Crossing bo(a)rders, Galaxie skateshop northside, Cincinnati, USA (January-February 2015)

Night flowers, photography, Paviljonki festival, The Infinite Circle: Death and Rebirth, Entropy & Unicorns on Speed, Hietsun Paviljonki, Helsinki, Finland (November 2014)
The Roadside Museum, FYC Gallery, Birmingham, UK (September-October 2014)
Food collage, Edible matters, Culturally Brewed Representation and Identity, Tad-Gallery, Denton, Texas, USA (August-September 2014)
Self portrait, photography, Suomen valokuvaterapiayhdistyksen 10-vuotisvalokuvanäyttely Self portrait extended, Köysiratagalleria, Turku (June 2014); Kuntoutusalan kirjasto, Helsinki (September-October 2014); Näsimentor, Tampere (November 2014); Kankaanpään opisto (December 2014)
Parking place holders (supplementary material), photography, Karel Verhoeven, Anything can b_a car, Vitrine 21, Recyclart, Brussels, Belgium (April 2014)
Night flowers, photography, Mänköö vuan, Kiuruveden kulttuuritalo, Kiuruvesi, Finland (April 2014)
Urban photos, photography, Future Landscapes, Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada (March-April 2014)

Rrecycled origami collages, Anna uus elu, Give a New Life, Recycling exhibition, Uue Kunsti Muuseum, Pärnu, Estonia (March-April 2014)
Manipulated knittings, Textile photography Exhibition by Kalopsia collective, Ocean Terminal, Edinbourgh, UK (February-March 2014)
Textile work, Voyage, voyages,
Festival de textil, L' Aiguille en fete, Paris; Le festival du lin, Veules-les-Roses, France (February, June 2014)
Call Shop, photography, Phone Box International Mail Art Exhibition, The British Telecommunication Box by the Swimming Pool, Sigean, France (June 2013)
Urban sceneries, photography, Levisburg Literary Festival,
Literary Laundry Room, Levisburg, USA (August 2013)
Fiber art, In Your Face, F6Halle, Augsburg, Germany (April 2013)
The City Walking Bazaar, Cass Business School University of London, UK (2013)
Collage, Art postale, Akademie der Künste Berlin Germany, (August-December 2013)
Yarn work & photography, Ceci n’est pas un livre, Museum Night Fever, Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België, Brussels (March-September 2013)
Collage, Anna uus elu - Give a New Life, Recycling exhibition, Uue Kunsti Muuseum / The Museum of New Art, Pärnu. Estonia (March-April 2013)
Office life, photography, Toinen sosiologinen taidenäyttely, Odottamattomat seuraukset, Publicum, University of Turku, Finland (March 2013)
Clouds, photography, The Barter.
Blue sky by Teresa Leung, Fotanian, Hong Kong (January 2013), Lingnan university, visual department, Hong Kong (April-September 2014)
Swimming pool, photography, Carnem Collective Opera,
Carnem Night #3, La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy (January 2013)
Night flowers, photography, Poze 4.Terminus, Summer of Photography, Bozar - Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, Brussels, Belgium (June-September 2012)
Yarn bombing, Knit' n' Tag, Solidaarisuussilmukat, Vanha kirkkopuisto, Helsinki, Finland (August-September 2012)
Collage, dATAdADA, artists' house, Harakka island, Helsinki, Finland (August 2012)
Textile work & photography,
Electronic embroidery, Camp Pixelache, Helsinki, Finland (May 2012)
Recycled origami collages, Ilmaista hupismia, Galleria Akkuna, Lasipalatsi, Helsinki, Finland (May 2012)
Street faces, photography,
In your face, Streetart, Kesselhaus, Augsburg, Germany (March 2012)
My dinner, photography, The Meal, Documenting a Global Snack, Brooklyn Art Library, New York, USA (April 2012)
Call shops in Brussels, poster & photography, Street Life, University of Turku, Finland (July 2011)
Winter in Helsinki, photography, Hupismi, Galleria Akkuna, Lasipalatsi, Helsinki, Finland (May 2011)
Photography, Yllätysten sosiologia, Sosiologinen taidenäyttely, University of Tampere, Finland (March 2011)
Snapshots, photography, M u t a ç ã o, online exhibition (2010)
Yellow hose -follow up, photography,
Unplanned, Superfront, Los Angeles, US (March-July 2010)
My friends house, photography, The Photographers Gallery, online exhibition An idea of Home (2009-2011)
The Eurosign-project, group exhibition Glogal Imaginaries, The Whitworth Art gallery, Manchester, UK (2009)
The Stone Road-walk, De Markten, KunstenFESTIVALdesarts, Brussels, group exhibition N6 (2009)
Snapshots from Brussels, photography, Finnish Seamen's Mission, Brussels, Belgium (2008)
Photography, Weather Photos, Zendai MoMA
欢迎中国地区的朋友們加入! Shanghai, China (2008)

Publications here